About Us

Improvements in whole genome sequencing technologies have allowed for significant increases in the amount of stored genomic data. However, lack of ability to interpret and clinically implement this data creates a bottleneck for consumers looking to benefit from these advances. We created Expanse Bioinformatics to address this challenge.

At Expanse Bioinformatics, we’re focused on advancing the future of personalized medicine through data mining of genetic, environmental, and behavioral data. Since 2007, we’ve been pioneering systems and methodologies for determining the correlations between genetic and behavioral attribute patterns and diseases. Our technology was developed to address disease treatment and prevention, as well as general improvements in lifestyle and long-term health.

Some benefits of our technology include potentially being able to:

  • Reveal combinations of genetic and environmental attributes associated with disease or health-related traits;
  • Predict an individual’s predisposition to conditions and outcomes;
  • Help individuals better understand how combinations of their genetic and environmental attributes are affecting their lives;
  • Identify modifiable attributes that can produce significant health and lifestyle improvements;
  • Help select treatment and service providers based on optimal results from other individuals with similar attributes;
  • Predict consumer interests and satisfaction levels, and
  • Recommend products and services.


Expanse Bioinformatics Approach